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Bundled Soap Ends (100g)

Bundled Soap Ends (100g)

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Taking zero-waste seriously! 

What are soap ends? 

Our soaps are made in small batches using rectangular moulds. After we cut a soap loaf into individual bars, the ends of the loaf are usually thinner and may look wonky. Hence, they are often not sold individually. 

What about the quality?

Don't judge a soap by its appearance! Regardless of the cutting of a soap loaf, the quality remains and works just as perfectly as a regular soap bar! ☺

Why soap ends?

Soap ends bundles are perfect for people who want to try out soaps of different scents/formulas without having to commit to a regular bar! They're also an excellent option for people who want to start their plastic-free shower lifestyle soap bars.

What to expect from each bundle: 

  • Each bundle is measured by weight (not quantity) and consists of pre-selected soap ends from a variety of our soaps. This means that each bundle weighs approximately 100 grams in total and soap ends are given at random (there is no choosing of soap ends; which makes a good surprise actually!). However, we will try to give a variety of at least 4 soap ends in each bundle! 
  • Each bundle is sold at $10.00 which makes a great deal as our regular soap bars of ~100 grams are sold at $11.90 and above!


Storage advice:

Store unused soaps in a cool and dry place. 

Store soaps in use on a well-draining soap dish to allow ample dry time in between usage. Constantly wet soaps can become soggy which shortens the lifespan of a natural soap bar.

Use within: There is no expiry date for cold process soaps as the soap actually gets more delicate as it ages. However, as we do not use preservatives in our soap, to preserve the integrity of the scent and appearance of the soap, please use it within 6 months of purchase.


All soaps are handmade in small batches to ensure that each batch is made with quality and care. All soap bars are aesthetically unique of each other. They have also been air-cured for 4-6 weeks and are scented with only essential oils. Hence, do expect the scent to become lighter over time. 

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