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This Christmas, there's no more being naughty OR nice - We're going naughty & nice. Our curated blend this festive season brings you a balance of something minty and sweet. The candle comes in a fun-sized 100 ml glass bottle, which makes it the perfect size for gifting or lighting it up during Christmas parties (or, if you're an introvert who loves Christmas like us, this candle will add some pizzazz to your precious alone time). We got chu. 

Essential oils: Spearmint, vanilla, peppermint

Made with: Natural soy wax, wood wick

Why soy wax? Soy wax is a vegan, natural option that gives a cleaner burn without emitting toxins, unlike paraffin wax which produces toxins that can be carcinogenic. It emits less soot and burns 30% - 50% longer than paraffin. Soy wax is also biodegradable and allows an easier cleaning process with just hot water and soap.

Why wood wick? Our high-quality wood wicks are carefully selected for optimal burn and give soft, crackling sounds upon lighting to mimic a fireplace scenario.

Net weight: 100 ml (~15 hours burn time) 

*Always read the care sheet that comes with the candles*

*This item is currently a Christmas pre-order and will only be mailed in the second week of December (5-9 Dec). Any orders that contain a pre-order item will be only mailed together once the pre-order item is ready for mailing. If you wish to receive other items that are in stock, please make a separate order. Thank you!*

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